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Car review and newsReview of news on the market of cars becomes more incredible every month.
Here is a short description of greatest series production cars of last time.
The first member of rate is Astrum Meera is a new concept proposal conceived.
Design of car possesses several features that tap into the role of safety, sustainability and practicality. The exhaust of the car has built-in sensors whose purpose is to track the level of CO2 emissions, alerting the driver when they exceed the normal limit. The wheel rims work through magnetic levitation, like train wheels, making the car lighter and faster. The car's side mirrors retract within its body when parked, and they roll out as soon as the engine starts. They each have a build-in camera system, allowing driver to clearly see outside from inside the vehicle with ease.
New concept sport car from German car producer E-Wolf. E-Wolf unveils an EV supercar thats so sporty. With a top speed of 155 miles per hour and a 0-60 acceleration that clocks in under four seconds, it has the performance to match its Italian playboy good looks, and its all-wheel drive, where each wheel is powered by an independent electric motor, should be able to keep all 2,000 pounds of it on the road. The Ford F650 is a super truck, appeared in 2000. The F650 is designed as a heavy hauler and is often used for towing or as a small dump truck. It is humongous! Its weight is about 160 tons, height is 3.5 meters like a one-floor house! But then again, with a price tag of $60,000 up to infinity, its not like the standard home owner will possess one anyway.
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Car News Test DrivesBefore you and me see new models of cars or modifications of old one, they pass through the stricked control in laboratories, garages, on streets and platforms. Everything thing is called test drives. There cars are tested on a great number of points power, safety, control, easiness of driving, protect from damages and other features. Tests can be made not only for the whole car, but for its separate parts also wheels, air bags, hardness of base, suitiness of wheels to the type of road, protect from temperature and many others. For each, even smallest detail, scientists have couple of test.
In special laboratories techniques create situations and observe how car will show itself. How will these situations will influence passengers and driver.
It helps producers to identify all problems and disadvantages due to correct them before mass production. In case of low quality test drives, innocent people can be harmed.
While cars are tested instead of passengers, soft manikins are used. Numerous appliances are based on them, and at the moment of artificial crash it will memorize the force of hit, speed, possible damage on other characteristics, needed to be clarified.
When parts are tested they may be separated from the car structure or be on their place. These test also show what material is better to be used on this or those detail, how long will it serve and how it should be treated.